GUNMA LOW: N-Style S15 Silvia and JZX100 Mark II

May 6, 2009 1:28 pm Published by

Remember this S15 Silvia I posted a while ago?

I caught up with the owner again at Nikko Circuit, but this time his JZX100 Mark II driving buddy came along!

The chunkiness of Work Equips work well with the large size of the JZX100.

The Silvia is still looking as good as it did last time, despite the lowness of the front bumper.

Notice that the whole front bumper is white, meaning even with that two-tone paintjob, it would be cheap to paint a new bumper if it was smashed, which is kind of inevitable.

The interior is still completely street-spec.

Once again, I completely forgot to ask their names!

How well does that pinstripe work on the rear bootlid?

The girls insisted on being in a photo too, so here it is!

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