D1 Grand Prix 2009: Odaiba Exhibition Round winner

May 23, 2009 11:59 am Published by

Congratulations Yoshinori Koguchi, winner of the 2009 D1GP Exhibition Round at Odaiba.

Koguchi’s car looks more like a red banana than a 180SX now, as he had a little t-bone accident with Kawabata, which he luckily came away from with just panel damage and drove through to win.

Second place was Masayoshi Tokita in the Goodyear Zero Crown, who drove the massive Toyota ridiculously well all day, skimming the foam block wall on almost every run with his police lights flashing, becoming the crowd favourite as a result.

On another note, sorry I haven’t been updating with longer posts recently. There’s been a lot of other work to do, and not enough time to go over pics I’ve taken for the site. Everything should be back to normal next week.

Until then, I’ll update the Twitter feed with anything interesting that happens tomorrow at D1!

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