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I’ve been doing a bit of part-time work recently helping out on Best Motoring video shoots. Pretty cool eh?

This is part of the video collection at the best Motoring Office. Two or more copies of every issue since number one, with a lot of them still in the original plastic wrapping.

A few weeks ago, we were at Sendai Hi-Land for a qualifier for the next Gunsai Touge battle. Tsuchiya decided that cars now have to be set up extremely well to qualify to be driven on the tight and dangerous course, and Sendai has a similar kind of surface and changes in elevation as Gunsai. Sendai is actually known as the Mini-Nürburgring, and apparently, the R35 GT-R did a bit of testing there to get it ready for the real Nürburgring attack before it was launched.

Last weekend was a Honda battle at Tsukuba Circuit, at the “I Heart Honda” event for 2009.

I’ve worked on lots of car video shoots before, but the Best Motoring guys work extremely hard, starting from before sunrise and ending up back at the office very late at night.

Everyone on the crew loved the SS-Works CR-X. It had Skyline brakes on the front. Think about that for a minute.

The camera crews literally bend over backwards to get their shots.

Dorikin checks his lap times in the NSX.

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