WEEKEND EDITION: Adam Newton’s “Big Red” R32 GTS-t

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When you actually own a model of car, you can often find yourself a bit more interested in other examples of that particular car than you did before.

Here’s one R32 Skyline that I particularly like.

How much do I like it?

It’s the first car from outside Japan to be featured on this site.

That’s how much.

This car belongs to an Australian guy called Adam Newton. When I first met Adam back in Australia, he was one of the founders of the now defunct Full Lock Motorsport, the first bunch of guys to run major drifting events in Australia. Back then, his car was also a red R32 Skyline, but the original shell was sliced open on a racetrack barrier, and since then, Adam re-shelled and re-envisioned his ride as a time-attack car instead of a drifter.

When I was working at Auto Salon magazine in Australia last year, I wrote the words for the feature the mag ran on Adam’s car, but there have been a few more changes since then. Adam sent me these pics this week detailing the latest updates on the car’s progress.

The kit is a BN Sports Blister widebody, which Adam has just had altered to hopefully have a little bit less wind resistance. The huge BBS wheels are the sort of thing that are run on Porsche Cup cars.

Along with the altering the bodywork, he’s just put in a new HKS RB28 engine that makes 400kW on 98 octane pump fuel.

Listen to this.

Adam’s aim is to match the times of GT-Rs and Porsche GT3s that run around Sandown Circuit in Victoria, but as you can see, he remembers his drifting roots on the occasional corner or two.

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