SHAKEDOWN: Tomohiro Murayama’s D1 S14 Silvia at Nikko

April 16, 2009 12:30 am Published by

Here’s a couple of shots of Tomohiro Murayama’s newly re-shelled S14 testing at Nikko Circuit before the recent first round of D1GP at Ebisu.

This is going to make me look at bit stupid for not asking, but I think it’s a Trust 2.2L with a T-67 and nitrous.

The tuner from Mega Tech, sorting the engine mapping between runs.

Murayama managed to qualify sixth and place ninth on his first outing in the car at Ebisu, which makes him a seeded driver for the next round at Autopolis. Not a bad effort!

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This post was written by Alexi


  • en6381 says:

    2.2L Max power over 400P

  • dousan says:

    the dood drinks like a fucking fish
    i had like 3 tall boy kirins
    and he was on his 4 and we chugged and he won..haha
    he’s funny as shit too!

    nice pics! i like!!

  • zhenkin says:

    Nice drift machine! Well-geared..
    I luv the 3rd shot..tuner accessing the brain – ULTIMATE!

  • Luke says:

    Without NOS this 2.2L was about 500-550ps in the old shell, and was so fast it turned your legs into jelly!
    Dousan i can comment on his drinking aswell, i watched the man slam down about 10-11 jugs after Suzuka, got up walked away while sliding across the wall.

    Lets hope the transimission does not give him as many problems this year!

  • Daniel says:

    maan thats quick! as usual superb photography alexi! love the first pic and the fan blades on the 2nd one haha

  • lachlanrb20s13 says:

    dam those ikeya formula shifters look so….awesome. the ducktaped ecu looks a bit out of place though lol. such a nice car thanks for showing man!