NIKKO QUEEN 2009: More girl drifters at Nikko

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Everyone loves a good drift girl article, so here’s some more drivers who attended last weekend’s Nikko Queen.

This is Mayumi Nemoto’s Silvia, and is possibly one of the neatest S13s I’ve seen getting around here. Look at how low that front bar is.

Mayumi’s club is called 160Power, since all the members are, as the sticker says, about 160cm tall.

Those are only 17-inch Emotions on the back, but they look a bit bigger due to how low the car sits over them.

It’s still completely streetable though.

Yuuka Tanaka’s expression shows how much fun drifting is, even when you’re spinning out.

This beaten Silvia from “Cat Slide” belongs to Shouko Ebata.

Looks kind of scary, right?

Nah, she’s pretty cool. The guy sitting is also a really laid-back bloke who goes by the nickname Nobuzou.

I dug up this old picture of her at a previous day at Nikko, three-wheeling around the last big corner.

Dressed up as popular anime character Haruhi Suzumiya (picture added for reference) is former Nikko Queen champion, Yuuko Ozaki.

A note for all the Japanophiles, Rilakkuma is the new Hello Kitty.

Yuuko is a former champion for obvious reasons. Note the huge Rilakkuma plush toy in the passenger seat.

Of course, some girls were there as paddock candy…

…and some just watched mysteriously off in the distance. This 180SX with a rather 1970s paint scheme had two girls in it, but they only sat off in the distance and watched.

Japan will never cease to amaze, it seems…

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