DRIFT TENGOKU: The Bible according to Japan

April 29, 2009 12:30 am Published by

I’ve been ridiculously busy doing some interesting stuff this week (which you might find out about a bit later on), while trying to finish writing a bunch of magazine articles and get ready for Ebisu’s Spring Drift Matsuri this weekend all at the same time.

As a result, I haven’t had time to get any photos up. However…

Translation: Cool! Hey Mr Policeman, can I have this video?

…after mentioning it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had a bunch of people email me and ask if I can send them copies of Drift Tengoku. While I’d like to help spread the word (or at least the pretty pictures if you can’t read it), I have a better suggestion.

J-List, a website that sells all sorts of stuff from Japan, offers a subscription that you can pay for month by month.

I worked out the numbers, and the price they can do it for is about the same as what it would cost me to buy it here and send it by economy air mail without even making a profit, so you should check them out as an option if you’re not anywhere near a Japanese bookstore. As an interesting little side-note, J-List are located up in Isesaki in Gunma Prefecture, only about an hour away from all the famous Initial D roads like Akina and Akagi.

Click here for a direct link to the Drift Tengoku page on their site.

They also stock itasha books and models. I have one of the red Lucky Star AE86 hatches. :3


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