THE THINGS I DO: D1 Fairlady ride-along

March 30, 2009 12:30 am Published by

I rode in this car. Watch the video.

This Z32 belongs to Satoru Koyama of Power’s Factory in Sendai, just a bit further north of where Ebisu Circuit is located.

I asked him why he drifted a Z32, when they were not a very common car to use for drifting.

He said “My dad had one when I was younger, and I thought how good it would be to see one of these drift, because they’re pretty cool. Now all the Z32 people in Japan recognise me as the guy who drifts them.”

VG30s make things happen.

Thanks Mark Pakula for pointing out that race gloves are great for cold weather photography. Considering it was about 3-4 degrees all day, my unchapped knuckles thank you.

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