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Something slightly different for today’s first pic, a Japan four-door with a chokkan muffler, which translates into English literally as “straight pipe”.

It looks just as good from the front.

Star Road and Work Wheels had a collaboration stand, and all of the cars looked great.

Kyusha dealer Red Megaphone had a few for sale on display.

Can’t afford a to own a classic? Pit House’s “Dream Rent” gives you a taste with their Skyline and Fairlady rental cars.

The older, larger-driving-lamp version of the 2000GT looks a bit more intimidating than the newer one.

Obey the wheel.

Falcon had their full range of Watanabes on display.

They were quite keen to show me their new magnesium wheel, which weighs only 4.6kg in 14×7. It was kind of weird to pick it up, as your brain keeps telling you that it should weigh more than it does.

Hayashi had a stand right next to Watanabe, as the bosses of the companies are friends as well as rivals.

Biko Works.

This Hakosuka from the other day is worth another look. It was a safe bet that almost every car at this show was on Watanabe or Panasport rims.

I might have to stop in on Classic Car Nagoya’s shop next time I’m down there. Their array of parts was quite impressive.

Savanna tail lights used to go for a fair bit in Australia.

They had a bunch of custom restoration panels too.

There were heaps of hobby vendors there with a lot of diecast cars and old, obscure model kits. I picked up a bosozoku-style MX41 Mark II kit, a Ken & Mary umbrella sticker and a “heart” Prince Skyline sticker.

If you’re enjoying this sort of content, I recommend you check out Japanese Nostalgic Car’s website (listed on the links) as they’re much more into this sort of stuff than I am. They were represented at the show by Editor Ben Hsu (thanks for the mag!), and their upcoming coverage of Japanese shows and workshops should be pretty good.










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  • Banpei says:

    Cool pictures! 🙂
    I already asked Ben if you two were there together: a lot of the pictures were just from the opposite angle! 😉
    Did you two find that pudding yet? 😛

  • Isidro says:

    Alexi, thank you so much for posting these pitures (and the kenmeri’s)
    Hayashi & Watanabe wheels are ultrasexy lol

    damn, i wish i was there

  • Shane says:

    that must be heaven!

  • drift kid says:

    OMG, those wheels on the Hayashi stand are HOTTNESSSSS, very nice cars, would love to go to one of these one day.

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Mate, those tail lights still go for a fortune!!! If you want to make some extra cash over there, get your hands on some of the original hubcaps from the r100s, rx2 or 3 etc and sell them here on ebay or something.

  • Garlo says:

    nice pics alexi, oh and congrats on the gig over at speed hunters, will u still be writing this blog

  • G-zilla says:


  • anth says:

    these old school posts have made my week! thanks alexi!
    where can i get stickers from the japanese workshops that specialise in classic cars? i want some for my datsun

  • Fury-S12 says:

    how much was it to do that dream rent?

    top pics as usual too

  • OMGPancakes says:

    I am in love with that first Skyline. Absolutely Gorgeous, great shots.

  • indonesia says:


  • Luke (RaceSuppliesSydney) says:

    Those Savanna lights *still* go for alot of money, as do the tea cup style. There are a few different styles.

    What are they selling for there?

  • TimSS says:

    RESPEKT JAPAN!!!!!Я как на другой планете…заберите меня к себе!!!!