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When we were at Mizunami Circuit the other day, I noticed that NOB rolled in with a car that looked like his Vertex Ridge-kitted 180SX, but in black instead of red.

Turns out someone had rear-ended him, and the panelbeater had suggested repainting the whole car with something new, so NOB decided on “makkuro”, or “pitch black”.

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  • drift kid says:

    red is better, makes the car faster. 😛

  • s0apgun says:

    not sure which is cooler

    new paint or nob’s pants

  • Daniel says:

    haha love the pitch black! but for some reason i dont like the little spokes of the wheels sticking out much.. perhaps they’re too skinny and weak looking for such a tough car? my opinion only..

  • Adam says:

    WOW that 180 is hot! now i know what i need to do to mine, lol. Any more pics maybe a wallpaper?

  • Merlz says:

    request a wallpaper of that car if you have other shots.

    so hot!!

  • Sneaky says:

    Damn, it looks so familiar but then again so different. It’s very cool that he still drives his collection of Silvias.

  • ric b says:

    Black+Vertex+NOB for the win

  • vidas says:

    really awsum

  • Dapip says:

    awesome new colour…..

  • Fury-S12 says:

    the black almost makes the car look “tame” compared to in your face red but then you look a little closer (and at the driver) and you pretty much figure its not tame

  • Namakeshi says:

    I was in NOB blog but looks very cool in this pic.
    More information please.

  • CBLeslie says:

    I enjoy the looks of the car from the front fender back. The front bumper itself I think is a bit to busy; I know there are many more ‘extreme’ front bumpers out there; I would almost think the later year stock bumper would have been a better choice, maybe with a nice angular lip that matched the side skirts. You know, something more pedestrian.

    I guess it breaks down to the fact that the flat black, rims and tires are really making this car what it is visually.

    Also, it needs more cowbell.

  • Brian Harte says:

    Looks terrible.

    His 15 was/is cool.

    This car was/is not cool

  • Shotgun155 says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!
    that looks badass!
    Tell me you would want to drive that car around

  • Alexi says:

    Personally, I love it…and NOB was cool enough to pose for the shot.

    Can you believe he’s 37 years old? Still looks in his 20s.

  • Om1kron says:

    I love this car!!! Love it in black too.

  • Kevin says:

    If i could just ust change those Advan RSs. They look ugly on a black 180sx. What about some gunmetal Super Advan’s!

    Damn, he’s 37? Yeah, I agree, he looks like he’s in his 20’s.

  • p.haire says:

    i agree with BH. this car seems too high off the ground and i never liked black wheels on a drift car. his pants are cool though.

  • Taz says:

    That looks awesome, with the front canards it gives the front end a different look from all the other 180’s out there with Vertex kits…

    It looks clean and sinister…NOB is also a legend

  • Severd says:

    I think it looks F’ing AMAZING in black.