THE OTHER HALF: Girls at the track

February 9, 2009 12:30 am Published by

Race queens are nice and all, but the girls who aren’t being paid to attend a drift event can often be just as interesting.

They’re either bored out of their brains and spend most of their time sending emails on their mobile phones…

…or doing something helpful, like videotaping their partner’s car on the track. This is not actually the yellow Silvia driver’s girlfriend, but let’s just ignore that for the sake of this example.

Ever seen a male drifter with cuffs rolled this neatly, and with shoes so sparkly clean? Didn’t think so.

They’ll even wag school to watch their boyfriend fill out a tech sheet out in the freezing cold. This event was on a weekday, and this girl quite obviously had a seifuku on under that jacket.

Some of them take out their daily drivers for the occasional thrash…

…and some of them are more hardcore than 95% of the guys at the track, like Kiirochan and her 180SX.

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