STEEL WHEELS: This season’s new fashion.

January 8, 2009 12:30 am Published by

The whole “low offset, dished chrome” thing was never going to last. The latest thing to run on your car over here in Japan is narrow fifteen-inch steel wheels.

Of course, it’s winter right now, snow is falling in the mountains, and those wheels have Bridgestone Blizzak studless snow tyres on them.

You can probably guess the rest.

No trip to a mountain road is complete without a stop at the nearest convenience store.

I’ve never driven on snow before, but all those hours playing Sega Rally at the arcade back in high school have finally paid off.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Minihux says:

    Friday night at Akagi mountain is where its at, about 40-50 cars going down all the touge and snake roads.

  • Paul says:

    Holy shit. and I thought it was cold 2 months ago.

  • Lorenzo says:

    damn feels cold enough here in Tokyo. Imagine Hokkaido! When I was there last time the snow fall was massive. too bad I didn’t have a car back then during the 5 week tour.

  • TOK70 says:

    does the extreme cold raise the boost much? i know on a cold night here in aussie it can raise up to 2 psi, so i’d imagine the snowy nights to raise even more?

  • Alexi says:

    I wasn’t really looking at the boost gauge, since the car runs stock boost and a factory gauge.

    The only number I was concerned about was how high the climate control was set.

    Does “FH” count as a number? (thanks for showing me that Tiff!)

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Of course steelies are in fashion, it’s not just a Winter in Japan thing. I just went to the Summernats the weekend gone 😛

  • Fury-S12 says:

    wow that looks slippery woulda been fun as tho

  • Andy says:

    Also the boost my raise but the power will drop because up in the mountain the air gets seriously thinner.
    And mumblezz it was like 3 degree at Ebisu when we were their in the day time when its not snowing at top of Akagi mountain its -12 or so.

  • Geki Minihux says:

    Whoops posted as Andy ^^

  • Paul says:

    I’ll take my sunny and 28 awesome weather thanks.

    Oh, fix the a/c before summer hits alexi.

  • Geki Luke says:

    Hmmm i will be soaking up some sun with ya in Feb Paul, but until then snow brings cheap drift and wicked snowboarding!!!

  • Jim says:

    They look like chasers from the local K-Mart mate ha.

    Nice one !