EVEN MORE BURST: Fujio Akihito’s S13

December 10, 2008 12:30 am Published by

Remember the Silvia back in this post running on some seriously negative offset Longchamps with bolt-on overfenders? This is what it looks like these days. The wheels might have changed to 18-inch Work XT-7s, but the trademark colour and driving style is still there.

Even though the temporary barriers of Odaiba’s MSC/Games event were a fair bit more perilous than the flat concrete walls of Meihan Circuit, Akihito was still getting closer to them than any other driver at the event.

I didn’t manage to get a shot of it, but one of the newer fashion trends for drift cars is to install headlight bulbs of different colour intensity in projector headlights. Akihito was running pink and green bulbs, and you can can see a similar example this photo of Tokita’s D1GP Crown.

Full interior, leather trimmed bucket seat, in-dash monitor, floor mats, crystal steering wheel and shift knob. Why be uncomfortable?

Even better, why be bored when waiting in line for your turn at the track?

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