BEST $300 HE EVER SPENT: Fairlady rollover at Ebisu

December 1, 2008 12:30 am Published by

A grisly photo like this, when posted on the internet, is usually followed by woeful story of corners that were too wet, speeds that were too high, and insurance that is inadequate enough to cover the resulting crumped mess of oily, dirt-encrusted metal and broken glass.

This crash however, brought nothing but the kind of insane joy and laughter you can only get from crawling out unscathed from a high-speed rollover crash.

Generally, cars that are facing this direction at this point of the circuit are not going to meet a happy end. Teeth, rectums and various other clenchable body parts tighten as everyone who is about to witness the inevitable crash waits for it to be over.

Luckily, the Fairlady targa top was obviously engineered with this kind of rigorous activity in mind. Instead of deploying an airbag though, Nissan’s engineers installed a small canister of laughing gas to be released upon the event of a rollover.

Thanks to mumblezzz for standing around for two days in the rain and numbing cold, ultimately resulting in his miraculous taking of the rollover photos as well as the first video.

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