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November 20, 2008 10:55 pm Published by

I know, but that was before I bought a car.

A black R32 GTS-t with GT-R-replica nose now sits in my tiny parking space here in Japan.

As many of you would know, the first week or so of owning a new car (by which I mean old and slightly modified car that has been sitting in a dealer’s yard for nine months) is filled with enjoyable things like changing various fluids on a cold concrete floor, wondering why certain important instruments like the fuel gauge don’t work (at least the warning light does), finding rounded nuts left by the previous owner and fumbling to find the interior doorhandle at night.

All of this is shortly to be followed by the Ebisu Autumn Drift Matsuri this weekend, in the predicted minus two degree wind chill temperatures at night (28 degrees for our American friends) and drizzle/snow.

Things should be back to normal on Tuesday.

That, or they could get weirder.

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  • Laurence says:


    Take lots of pics… If it rains bolt to Minami remember the rally photographer’s motto!

    Where there’s a crash, there’s cash…

  • Cronos says:


    Regards, from Spain

  • Hawker180 says:

    Photos of the GTST???

  • Ezza says:

    You could have atleast provided us some pics of your car to glare at 😀

  • Matt S. says:

    Easily becoming one of my favorite blogs, every weekday or not. Keep up the QUALITY entries. Looking forward to the drift Matsuri.

  • surly says:

    good pics/video man I’m totally jealous. Did the same thing as you I’m here in japan on a working holiday, sold my car, quit my job but no one I know here is into drifitng! I live down in Machida , tons of drift cars but no clue where they meet.

  • Luke says:

    Heres a picture made of words, black GTS-T R32 Skyline with 17inch wheels function over looks for now im guessing.
    Hopefully part of that function is blowing up the RB20 powering it and dropping in a much nicer engine, money permitting!
    Still managed to flog it around Minami for a while, good work!

    Ps, your fucking tall and get on with the pics, also Hoshino asked me what you do for a job?

    – Luke

  • hfae86 says:

    Keep up the good work..
    where do u get all ur feeds ..? I wonder …
    U must be a fulltime blogger now .. great stuff!

    RuL – Brunei