THE DRIFT TEAM: Burst, 2006

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I posted some of these photos back in 2006 on a couple of drifting forums, and some people promptly took them, watermarked them and posted them on their own websites.


Now that Noriyaro is up and running though, the rest of the until now unseen photos have a place to be shown. These are, of course, photos of Team Burst, one of the most impressive drift teams of recent years (the award for all time greatest drift team has to be Marionette, but we’ll talk about that another time) taken back in 2006 on Meihan Sports Land’s E-Course, not the C-Course as seen on most of the videos from Meihan, where Burst does their wall-scrapingly best.

That didn’t really matter though, as the guys from Burst and Gloss Factory were doing some extremely close driving that day, both to the walls and each other, leaving a trail of rubber shreds, fibreglass and zipties in their wake.

The guy in the red shirt with trademark bleached hair is Naoki Nakamura, Burst’s leader. He’s a very friendly and approachable guy, which makes it even easier to appreciate his drifting skills. Since these photos were taken, he has moved into D1 competition, driving a Koyorad-sponsored white S15 Silvia.

A note to any person that is considering building a gokart-sized track in the near future, and would also like to use their track for drifting for extra revenue, but is worried about how drift cars might damage the edge of the track, rip up their grass and dig ditches in their dirt. Take a look at this picture; see how the concrete edge of the track has small divots running perpendicular to the track? This is useless for go-karts to drive on (meaning the intended racing line on the track is maintained), but perfect for drifters who don’t really care about that sort of thing.

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