DRIVER: Yuuta Onodera, Mazda Roadster

November 19, 2008 12:30 am Published by

Stripped interior, scrape marks, massive angle, knocking over cones, Advan Neovas, standard body, ziptied lip, window banner, bolt-in roll cage, naturally aspirated, no passenger seat, mismatched wheels, flat green, panel gaps, convertible drifting, steel pipe fender roll, huge camber, huge commitment, full throttle, pack it up, drive it home, Yuuta Onodera, Mazda Roadster.

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Shane says:

    i saw this in drift tengoku and looked sweet as. boro boro is cool!

  • Joey says:

    Love this car! hottest mx5 around…Is it just using the standard 1.6 engine? I want one!

  • Matt S. says:

    Wow, hardcore drifter. That last pic is absolutely mind blowing. Looking forward to the Sunrise garage!

  • reuben says:

    i borrowed my mums roadster once…made me laugh.
    mazda roadster the next s13???!!!! shame the engines are puss.

  • phil says:

    your blog has quickly become my favorite, i love all this grassroots coverage!!!

  • Warren says:

    And after that I laugh when I see on americans forum that the Miata is a woman car or a fag car if owned by a male…
    Reuben, you said the engine is puss, but AE86 are about the same thing, and alot of people make em drift. What would be better? By the way you can always swap a 13B in it (and blow up the engine at every drift meet haha). By the way this car is like it should and I would like to see it in real.
    Miata are surely not the next S13 but more the next AE86.

    Anyway I rather prefer to see that then some Corvette and Vipers drifting on FormulaD…

  • reuben says:

    puss as mate. a standard ae86 is puss too. sure you can make them drift, look at the pics above but its still puss.
    maybe whack a turb on it, i reckon that would be rad, mite get 1 of these for the missus, then quietly turn it into my own, top down wind in my hair drift sounds nice.

  • jay says:

    puss? that shit is ballin’
    if you can’t drift on stock power, you need more skills.. not power.

    you call that angle puss?? clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Warren says:

    So you probably dont like Ueo’s 86. Personally I like the style that a driver have to adopt when drifting an N/A car as I like the style that turbo engined cars have. A a car enthusiast I like even the cars I say I don’t like….

  • Adam says:

    This is my new inspiration!! I love this car soo much!! Only just layed my eyes on it, and knew thats where i want my Eunos to be!!
    Would love to see the technical info on this car. E.g. what suspension and general setup. I am deffo gonna get some more angle for mine, that is sick!!

  • Luke says:

    Reuben, its not about the engine, sometimes its about what the people can do with them that counts.
    Example the AE86 which is by far the fastest car at the Ebisu Matsrui, no one enters like they do on Nishi.

    – Luke

  • Warren says:

    Luke is right, I saw some crazy guys on some private video entering the corner after the long strait at 170km/h.

  • reuben says:

    jay, i said the engine is puss not the car, i think its dope.
    ive owned a highly modified n/a ae86 so know what im talking about chap, been there done that, boring.

  • reuben says:

    alexi, got any video of this???

  • Alexi says:

    Just pics for now.

  • Adam says:

    Hiya Alexi, any updates on this car yet? When you said it was running N/A is that with itb setup?
    If you have anymore on the car i would appreciate it loads!!

  • Alexi says:

    I haven’t seen it since those photos were taken. I’ll try and find him and take some more pics some time.

    I know that the Miata/Roadster/MX-5 is having a bit of an AE86-style regenesis at the moment, so I’ll keep on the look out for some more stuff for you guys.

  • Rob says:

    Rob from roadsterdrift here, kept forgetting to drop in on this one

    good shots, love it

    thanks for sharing

    like you said, roadsters are making a decent “comeback” (if thats the right term?) so always cool to see this type of content.


  • b says:



  • Robin says:

    Hardcore! been thinking for a while about getting myself an miata, and this is just boosting everything! nice post!