SHOW: Skylines at Motorsport Japan 2008

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While Toyota was firing up their more prestigious Formula cars opposite the Nissan stand, the people’s favourite Skylines easily drew a crowd with the Nissan team’s comprehensive exhibition.

Even though this Hakosuka is worth about as much as a new BMW M6, there were no barriers keeping you from getting right up close. I saw at least a couple of people walk past it and brush the buckles of their backpacks against it though.

This R32 was still wearing factory-issue Bridgestone Potenza RE71s in 225/50 size, although the shoulders of the tyres were chewed out a bit. Even though it was the official mint-condition demo car, someone had taken it out for a hard drive at some point.

R33 GT-R Vspec II

R34 GT-R Nür.

I might have missed it over the PA system from all the noise, but I think Hasemi-san himself was driving this car in the demo.

Xanavi R34 GT-R, which ran a VQ30DETT engine.

The Pennzoil-sponsored car from 1998 ran a 2.7L RB26.

I was so busy taking closeup shots of the Super GT R35’s bits and pieces that I completely forgot to take a pic of the entire car!

To make up for that, have a closer look at its huge AP brakes and two-piece rotors.

Inspiration for zokusha cars all over Japan, the Hasemi GT-R.

Chicks dig it.

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