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GOODYEAR GURACHAN D: Nikko Circuit competition, Part I

By in 01-10-2009 8:22 pm

The Goodyear Gurachan D (“gurachan” means “grand championship”) competition is a series of events held by the Goodyear tyre company with the aim of encouraging drivers to enter a higher level of drift competitions. That sounded a bit corporate, didn’t it?

What it basically comes down to is that it’s yet another competition series for drivers to get stuck into with the aim of attracting some sponsors. One of the biggest draws of the Gurachan D event is the chance for the winners of the event to win a D1 Street Legal licence in one go, without having to earn the required points by ranking in the D1 Street Legal Regional events. The overall points ranking winner from all the events also wins tyre sponsorship from Goodyear for 2010! Not too bad!



YOU DRIFT LIKE A GIRL: Nikko Queen 2009

By in 20-04-2009 12:30 am

I’m not going to bother doing a big event report on this year’s Nikko Queen event, since a lot of the stuff I shot would be more fun as part of a few mini-features, so look forward to those.

Just to get the formalities out of the way though, here are the ladies who placed in the Expert Class competition!

First Place was Akari Nagasawa. It’s rare to see anyone drive Nikko Circuit’s first corner as neatly and consistently as she did all day. A quick flick in, stomp on the brakes to settle the car and full acceleration right out wide towards the judging stand with not a single bit of visible handbrake correction.

I have something new to try next time I drive at Nikko, I think…

Keep in mind, her boyfriend is D1 Street Legal driver Hideyuki Fujino, so you can imagine the sort of conversations that go on between those two.



WEEKEND EDITION: Japanese blogs, April 19th

By in 19-04-2009 6:30 am

While being everywhere at once would be a great thing as far as this site is concerned, the laws of relativity and the expressway tolls I’d rack up mean that it’s not quite possible.

So, instead of trying to bend space-time, here’s a few interesting photos collected from some local blogs.

First, here’s the R34 GT-t that Tezuka Tsuyoshi is supporting in D1SL this year.




By in 06-03-2009 4:02 am

I don’t want to seem like one of those people who tries to be cool by standing next to famous people and showing photos, but I can’t help it. This is Japan, and meeting these people is why I came here.

The D1 driver I’ve known for the longest time, Tsuyoshi Tezuka at Kids Heart.

That’s what I look like, by the way. I know I haven’t put a picture of me on this blog yet. Shattered your illusions, did it? Or were they confirmed? You tell me.


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