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DORITASHA: Free Craft’s Progrès

By in 20-10-2009 12:55 am


I normally wouldn’t post a pic of an itasha for no good reason, but I have one.

This is actually a proper drift car.

If you haven’t seen one before, the car itself is called a Toyota Progrès, and is basically a compact version of a JZX100. It’s meant to appeal to old businessmen, which is more or less who the JZX100 was meant to appeal to anyway, and comes with either a 1JZ or 2JZ engine. Before you get too excited, they were fitted with the direct-injection type, so this one has an engine swap.

I saw it a while ago at Honjo Circuit when the body was still only wearing the pink to white faded paint. Free Craft’s Tanaka-san was giving it a decent thrashing, which made it very surprising to see it stickered up recently with images of Mira, Spica and Garnet from the adult video game “Star Mine Girl”.

Apparently, Tanaka-san did it in order to attract otaku customers who want their cars done up in an itasha style, and it has so far apparently worked.

I don’t know why, but I can’t wait to see this car actually out at the track. There’s something about a the idea of a car with stickers of cute animated girls on it at full lock with smoke pouring off the tyres that just seems so wrongly right.


SANPATSU ZENKAI: First proper practice in the JZX100 Mark II

By in 11-09-2009 11:56 am

After last weekend’s false start, this was a lot of fun, even if the battery ran out almost immediately and I couldn’t film any more. This video was from Thursday morning when I was still messing around with toe and tyre pressure settings.

Even though the car feels a lot more familar now after two whole days of driving it, I still haven’t had the chance to practice on Minami Course for this weekend’s D1 Street Legal East. I might have to sit down with some Option DVDs with in-car video from D1 and do some image training on the couch…



By in 17-08-2009 12:30 am

I was going to editorialise a bit here, but since it was going to be unrelated to AE86s, and because my column for the UK’s Banzai Magazine is due in a couple of days and I need to save up my opinion juice, I’ll save it for another post.

Until then, enjoy the first half of Noriyaro’s coverage of the 6th of August AE86 meeting at Nikko Circuit.