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INSTAGRAM @NORIYAROJAPAN: Best three of April 2015

By in 01-05-2015 2:00 am

#AE86 kerb-hopping at #NikkoCircuit

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It's not how fast you are, it's how fast you sound. #X71 #MarkII #bosozoku #マークII #暴走族 #purplepatrollight

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Probably rarer in Japan now than in most other countries, but this #KE70 #Corolla still looks better than most of them.

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GETTING HIS MOTORFIX: Midnight Mechanics at YZ Circuit

By in 07-07-2011 1:15 am

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Grant from Queensland’s Midnight Mechanics and his girlfriend here in Tokyo. About a day later though, he was down in Gifu, visiting a MotorFix track day at YZ Circuit East!

Some of you may be familiar with Grant’s red AE71,  so you can probably understand why he made the trip down there to see their new 1uZ-powered Corolla and go for a few rides in it.

Luckily, Grant is pretty handy with a camera too, so click here to read the article on the Midnight Mechanics site.

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