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CRASH: Team Orange Fuji D1 Practice

By in 24-10-2008 6:56 pm

Today at Fuji Speedway was, as they say here in Japan, “heavy wet”.

Regardless of the scary conditions, a majority of the drivers made their way out to the track to get in some valuable track time. Unfortunately, some drivers had the conditons get the better of them, like Team Orange’s Naoto Suenaga.

He was not injured, and the Orange crew are still at the track pounding away at the bodywork to get the Impreza somewhat respectable and ready for tomorrow’s practice and qualifying.


UNKNOWN HAND SIGNALS: Option video shocker

By in 23-10-2008 11:00 pm

It’s off to D1 Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway tomorrow for the first practice day, so here’s something from last year’s Option DVD coverage of Fuji.

When I saw a camera aiming through the windscreen during the press rides, I gave the standard “peace” signs before switching to the somewhat more risqué “shocker”. Only the shocker made it into the video. Work that one out.

Video stills copyright Sunpros Co., Ltd.