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WEEKEND EDITION: 21st December 2008

By in 21-12-2008 12:30 am

Took the ‘Line to Fuji Speedway yesterday for an event held by Himawari Racing, which meant taking a photo of the car with the mountain. I remember Tsuyoshi Tezuka showing me a photo on his phone a couple of years ago of his daily driver Toyota Soarer under a cherry tree in full bloom with Fuji in the background. That photo might have to wait for another few months though.



OW, MY FINGER: Fixing the Skyline

By in 19-12-2008 12:30 am

The ‘Line and I were back at Nikko again yesterday for another crack at the place that claimed first blood on the car. Everything is more-or-less looking the way it used to, apart from the obvious white front bumper. About six hours earlier though, the poor thing was being pounded on with a very big mallet.



YOU WISH: Garage SunRise

By in 18-12-2008 12:30 am

Tetsuya Hibino’s character on D1 videos might be one of a rude, slang-talking tough guy, but in reality he’s anything but hard to talk to. That is, if you can understand his rapidfire “ittara” Nagoya accent and can keep up with his dictionary-like knowlege of the Toyota AE86 and how to drift it.



WEEKEND EDITION – 14th December 2008

By in 14-12-2008 8:00 pm

D1 Street Legal was on today at Tsukuba Circuit. If you knew this event was on, and was hoping to see come coverage, you won’t. I had full intentions of going, but didn’t.

Instead, I went to a local second-hand parts shop and picked up this used fibreglass R32 front bar. Why did I need a new front bar? Well, I had a little accident…



FEATURE: Youchi Hangai’s AE86 Trueno

By in 11-12-2008 12:30 am

Usually, mechanics spend so much time on other people’s cars, they have no time for their own. It’s amazing what results can come from a few minutes a day.

This particular Sprinter belongs to 35-year-old Yoichi Hangai, a mechanic working in the outskirts of Tokyo at the FNATZ workshop. He might technically have a job in Tokyo, but Yoichi has always lived in the eastern part of nearby Kanagawa prefecture, which is generally considered to be the slightly rougher cousin of the somewhat more refined Tokyo metropolis nearby. Running down alongside Tokyo Bay, it’s an industrial area with lots of long back streets and small mechanical workshops, where the tuners have a reputation for having some of the hardest worked street cars in Eastern Japan.