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By in 16-02-2011 4:22 am

Aussie photographer Casey Dhnaram has been getting the classy b&w thing going on at recently, and is slowly trickling out a series of pics from his last trip to Japan.

Click here for a direct link to this particular post, which includes a photo of me doing nothing apart from trying not to fall asleep. Come to think of it, Casey’s isn’t the only blog that I’ve appeared in doing nothing while sitting in the pits next to the car during a competition.



WEEKEND EDITION: From Youtube to you, old school and new

By in 13-02-2011 11:29 pm

Here’s the plan. You’re either going to like all of these videos, or hate some and absolutely love others.

First up is some Ken Block, filthy Rusko dubstep and girls wearing innertubes. You know you love it.

Next up is some proper oldschool thanks to Youtube user TwinTurboRS. He’s uploaded quite a few of the old Auto Vision street drifting videos, so check his uploads for more. Some of the more interesting include:

A long video of Osaka’s Nanko Minami.

Bumper-cam of a race on the Tokyo C1.

Kanjo Civics making a whole lot of noise on the Royu Driveway down in Osaka.

Orange Road down in Kansai. I had the VHS tape of this back when I was first learning to drift and would watch it about a dozen times in a row to try and figure out how they were doing it. This video was also used on the show Today Tonight, a current affairs show that usually concerns itself with frivolous topics such as “neighbors from hell” and “the increasing lack of cheese on takeaway pizzas”, as an example of Australian street drifting.

You’ve probably seen this one already, but for those who haven’t, see what sportbike drifting is going to look like in a few years when it becomes more popular, thanks to Icon. Love that Master-Chief-style Variant Salvo helmet.

If you don’t mind listening to videos with the volume down, try some of the videos on user ANDECHSYOU’s channel.

Here’s a video from Chiba Damashi event at Mobara, which I haven’t been to yet, but is reportedly the craziest drifting event in Japan, even more so than the famous Kansai All Stars event!

Another one worth watching, especially if you like tyresmoke is the guys from street drifting team FOOL at Tsukuba Circuit. Just turn the sound down and put some music on.

You may have heard that Japan is a relatively safe place to drive, but that doesn’t meant you won’t occasionally come across weird or dangerous situations on the street, in this case recorded by the JAF Mate drive-cam recorder. Imagine blasting down the expressway and overtaking an old man on a bicycle?

Here’s one to remind you that drivers don’t usually stop for pedestrian crossings. Be careful when you visit!

Here’s a video that gives me flashbacks of something that happened to me right near the house. Natural selection is all well and good, but I don’t really want to be the one doing the selecting!

User peacelovers23cafe has a good set of uploads of old Japanese racing action, such as Tsuchiya doing some shakedown runs in the Advan JZX100 Chaser.

D1 commentator Manabu Suzuki used to be a race reporter, and his English these days is about as good as it ever was!

To make up for the bad audio on the previous drift videos, prepare to turn your speakers all the way up for some Hakosuka in-car at Fuji.

Finally, if you’re itching to come to Japan, this will make it worse. User egawauemon has a large series of steady-mount videos shot around the world, but this is his longest one of Tokyo. If your computer can handle it, head to Youtube and watch it in 1080 res.


ANY WAY YOU LIKE: Drifting “my style”

By in 03-02-2011 3:14 am

Here’s a couple of guys I met a couple of weeks ago at Daikoku Futo parking area. They’re fans of the Noriyaro column in Drift Tengoku magazine and insisted I take some photos, so I asked them to show me what they thought was the most interesting point was about their cars.

You might have seen a bubble shifter before, but have you seen an illuminated one? Illumination accessories are actually sold in shops, and it’s like a little ring with double-sided adhesive on them that attaches to the bottom of the shifter, lighting it up. I have one that cycles through rainbow colours (not on the car right now though) and there are ones that have flashing patterns too.

This guy is a big fan of 16-inch wheels and minimal bodykits, early 90′s style. Why does he still rock this look?

“Because not only is it easy to look cool, it’s cheap too.”

Good enough for me.


SUBARU, THE ANIMATION: Houkago no Pleiades

By in 01-02-2011 8:09 pm

Yes, you are looking at the right website. No, I didn’t upload the wrong image.

While American car makers like Dodge prefer commercials that show General Washington leading the charge in a Challenger, Subaru Japan’s latest advertising campaign involves animation and magical girls. Who’d have guessed it?

Houkago no Pleiades (放課後のプレアデス) or “Pleiades After School” is the name of a new ONA (original net animation) series comissioned by Subaru and made by Gainax, the same studio that made Neon Genesis Evangelion. As most Subaru fans would know, the company logo is a representation of the Pleiades star cluster, uncoincidentally called “Subaru” in Japanese, which is found in the Taurus constellation.

The series, which consists of four episodes that run for about five to seven minutes, is the story of a girl named Subaru who discovers her friend is in a team of magical girls who are searching for shooting stars called “Engine Fragments”.



WEEKEND EDITION: Tokyo heavy industry

By in 30-01-2011 6:05 am

Tokyo sure does look cool sometimes. I’ll need to go back again with my proper camera and a tripod.