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I HEART OOIFUTO: Or should that be Maruifuto?

By in 20-04-2011 7:52 pm

Ever seen those videos of big Toyotas street drifting around a high-speed corner into a long straight? That’s a spot called Ooifuto, a port area in Tokyo Bay. Unfortunately, large barriers have since been installed on that main corner, making it all but useless. There is still street drifting there in a spot nearby, but nowhere near what it used to be.

This sticker has the first 大 character of 大井 censored out, so it’s not too obvious to any passing policeman that the driver of the car it’s attached to doesn’t always “safety drive”.  If you want to watch some videos from Ooifuto, put 大井 ドリフト into a Youtube video search, or you could just click here or here.

For some super old-school, check this one!



By in 19-04-2011 5:24 pm

Here’s the bilingual flyer for the Meihan Sports Land event that Shane is organising in a few weeks. I detailed it in a post a while back. Look at that list of sponsors along the top. Not bad eh? It should be fun.



I WANT TO BE AN ENGLISH TV PRESENTER: 1JZ Road Trip to Fuji Speedway by HoonTV

By in 18-04-2011 11:25 am

Enough teasing, let’s start with the 2010 1JZ Meeting videos!

HoonTV’s Mark Boxer will be releasing the rest of the parts soon, which he says will come even sooner if you click the subscribe button, so do us a favour, because I want to see them too!

Also, if you click the Youtube logo to view the video on Youtube, it’s available in 720p res.

Just as a note, the thing Jean-Claude Van Damme says on the Black Black ad is “眠気スッキリ”, which means “It clears your drowsiness!”



TAMING THE BEAST: Tuning the Team Orange Laurel

By in 14-04-2011 1:32 am

Kumakubo was out again today on Higashi Course at Ebisu Circuit. He was doing some more testing to the engine settings of the nitrous-assisted RB26 in the new Team Orange Laurel.

Just because the sound of it is fantastic, here’s a video that I shot today!