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DAJIBAN NO BIDEO: Dodge Ram vans raced in Japan

By in 17-07-2015 10:55 pm

As if we needed another example of how over-the-top Japan does everything to do with cars, watch this video about modified Dodge vans at the annual i-5 event at Ebisu Circuit.

Incidentally, these were also the inspiration for the “Youga” van found in Grand Theft Auto V, added by Rockstar North designer Mike Bush. Youga (also spelled “Yoga”) is the name of the Tokyo suburb where the i-5 shop is located.



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If you liked the first episode of Noriyaro on YouTube, here's a preview of what the next episode involves. Subscribe so you don't miss it! #AE86 #SportsLandYamanashi

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#Pikachu wants you to break your neck. #NaritaAirport #成田空港

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Sometimes I forget about the little sights and scenes that excited me enough to move to Japan, but then I'll see one of those little sights and get that original twinge of excitement all over again. #R32 #Skyline #GTR at #EbisuCircuit

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#Kunnyz @takahashikuniaki and #Heyman @shinjiminowa on #EbisuCircuit #MinamiCourse

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#EbisuCircuit #MinamiCourse in the wet at dusk, as if this track needed to be any sketchier. #BeercanSkyline

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If you haven't seen the first episode of the Noriyaro YouTube show, get over to the Noriyaro channel and watch it now! For those wondering if it was the first time I've been snow drifting (it sure looked like it), here's a pic of another Skyline I owned back in 2009 on a "mountain test track".

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IT HAS WHAT WE WANT: Need for Speed rebooted.

By in 22-05-2015 3:33 am

Let me ask you a question: what comes to mind when you hear the Lil Jon song “Get Low”? If you said “Need for Speed: Underground”, then you probably had a lot of fun with that game. It came out about twelve years ago (that made me feel old, typing that), and the modified car world has progressed a long way since then.

Underground was a great game, but unfortunately, the Need for Speed games that came out in the past few years didn’t really follow along with the trends. Driving unobtainable supercars in police chases through the countryside should have been fun, but it wasn’t. That’s what made the first NFS game great, but something about that just didn’t work.

Now watch this.

If you’re not already aware, Need for Speed is back, and it’s finally what we always wanted. No extra names, no “Underground 3″, a complete reboot.

Also, Noriyaro has a (very small) part in the development of this game, believe it or not! Read on…



INSTAGRAM @NORIYAROJAPAN: Best three of April 2015

By in 01-05-2015 2:00 am

#AE86 kerb-hopping at #NikkoCircuit

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It's not how fast you are, it's how fast you sound. #X71 #MarkII #bosozoku #マークII #暴走族 #purplepatrollight

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Probably rarer in Japan now than in most other countries, but this #KE70 #Corolla still looks better than most of them.

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