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By in 08-10-2014 12:55 pm

Just look at that. What a lovely shade of red. I’ve never seen a Volvo 850 wagon that looks that nice.

Exotics are not an unusual sight at Tatsumi Parking Area, but this night when I took a group of Australian car club members on a tour of the expressways around Tokyo was exceptionally good. Read about it on Justin’s Zen Garage blog.

You can also read about the shop tour I did with them a few days later here.


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HALF-WET, WHATEVER: No-lifting, three-car drift at Ebisu Circuit

By in 14-09-2014 4:53 pm

Here’s another video from the summer Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit. In this one, I hit up Higashi Course in my R32 Skyline with D1GP driver Suenaga and D1SL driver Waki as it was starting to dry out a little bit.


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By in 13-09-2014 8:41 pm

I can’t remember who it was, but I remember talking to a D1GP driver who has been overseas a few times, and he said that one of the reasons he loves drifting so much is that it allows him to travel and have lots of fun while making friends all over the world.

I understand what he means now, after I recently travelled all the way to Norway from Japan to drift in one of the world-famous Gatebil events. I remember reading about Gatebil many years ago in Max Power magazine, but I never thought I’d end up actually driving in one.

After taking care of the Norwegian drift team “Driftmonkey” when they came to Japan earlier this year, and had a lot of fun drifting with them at Ebisu Circuit, team owner Ove Harlem sent me a message asking if I’d like to (telling me, more like it) come over and drive of their matching team Supras in Norway. The team’s regular driver Reidar Andresen had to miss the July Gatebil event, so the three cars on the team would be piloted by regular member Anders Klerud, with two guests, Formula D driver Ken Gushi and myself.

What made this even more awesome was that the July Gatebil event is the biggest one of the year, and it’s held at the Rusdskogen Motorsenter, a beautiful track in southern Norway that was planned by F1 track designer Hermann Tilke. It looks like something out of Gran Turismo, with lots of elevation changes through forest and rock walls, with a big final corner where you can bake it up in front of the crowd. The Supra I was driving had a full Brian Crower 3.4L 2JZ engine with an enormous Garrett turbo, which made short work of the tyres, and made getting from one corner to the next a very fast experience.

Please enjoy this video of the event made by the team media guy Luke from Zero Media (thanks for the Jaffa Cakes mate). I took a whole lot of in-car video too, so I’ll be making my own video as well. It was an amazing event, and I hope I can make it over to Norway again sometime soon.

Tusen takk, alle mine nye venner. Jeg savner deg! Jeg elsker Norge!



HEAVY WET, FAST SLIDING: Ebisu Higashi in the rain

By in 22-08-2014 6:42 pm

Here’s a short video from the 2014 Summer Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit on Higashi Course. One of the biggest reasons I go to Matsuri these days is because Higashi is usually only open for drifting during those events, apart from the occasional High Speed Drift Club.

Rain on Higashi can be a lot of fun, since tyres don’t wear down and cars don’t overheat quite as much. A wet surface even means I can easily click fourth coming down turn four. It does make it a bit sketchy to drive though!


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