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GANBAROU TOHOKU: Gaijin drifters make the newspaper

By in 06-12-2015 3:17 pm

One of the least enviable jobs in Japan right now has to be a tourism officer for Fukushima Prefecture. The earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster of a few years ago tainted the name of the entire region, even though only coastal areas were affected.

So, the tourism council of Fukushima is naturally looking to promote tourist spots that only exist within the prefecture. One of those is Ebisu Circuit, and the three annual Drift Matsuri events. Check out this video they made of the Autumn Matsuri.

The same event also made the Asahi Shimbun, which is a national newspaper.

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JAPAN NORWAY SWEDEN: Tsuyoshi Tezuka and Driftmonkey, Part I

By in 10-10-2015 7:12 pm

This isn’t the most recent of content, but before it disappears into the vaults of backed-up files, I thought it should finally make an appearance on the site.

Early last year, the Norwegian drift team Driftmonkey’s boss Ove Harlem asked me to find him a Japanese guest driver for the Gatebil event in Mantorp, Sweden. I suggested D1GP driver and Kids Heart manager Tsuyoshi Tezuka, since I knew he was keen to do some more drifting overseas. Driftmonkey usually has three cars, two driven by regular drivers Reidar Andresen and Anders Klerud, and a third for guest drivers.

After not too much messing around, Ove had both of us on a plane from Tokyo to Oslo, where picked us up and took us for a nice dinner at the port area of Aker Brygge, before heading to the Driftmonkey garages the next day in Rakkestad.