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GANBAROU TOHOKU: Gaijin drifters make the newspaper

By in 06-12-2015 3:17 pm

One of the least enviable jobs in Japan right now has to be a tourism officer for Fukushima Prefecture. The earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster of a few years ago tainted the name of the entire region, even though only coastal areas were affected.

So, the tourism council of Fukushima is naturally looking to promote tourist spots that only exist within the prefecture. One of those is Ebisu Circuit, and the three annual Drift Matsuri events. Check out this video they made of the Autumn Matsuri.

The same event also made the Asahi Shimbun, which is a national newspaper.

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MORE HIGH-SPEED VIOLENT DRIFT: Suenaga’s steering technique

By in 30-09-2015 10:24 pm

Check out this extended on-board version of Naoto Suenaga’s Violent high-speed drifting at Ebisu Circuit video. Anyone who wants to learn advanced-level drift steering techniques should definitely watch this!

The Noriyaro2 YouTube channel is dedicated to extended and uncut versions of videos on the main channel like this one. Click here to subscribe for more like this.

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DAJIBAN NO BIDEO: Dodge Ram vans raced in Japan

By in 17-07-2015 10:55 pm

As if we needed another example of how over-the-top Japan does everything to do with cars, watch this video about modified Dodge vans at the annual i-5 event at Ebisu Circuit.

Incidentally, these were also the inspiration for the “Youga” van found in Grand Theft Auto V, added by Rockstar North designer Mike Bush. Youga (also spelled “Yoga”) is the name of the Tokyo suburb where the i-5 shop is located.