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BOSS C-COURSE: Asayan at Meihan

By in 18-10-2010 10:12 pm

As seen before in this post and this post, here’s a video of Asayan’s very neat Boss Coffee AE85 at Meihan C-Course, as shot by Laurence.

Laurence apologises for the glitchy video and audio, but the tape-based camera he was using was on its last legs and died shortly after this video was taken. Despite this, he didn’t try and cover it up with some music, and just left the raw 4AGE sound in for us to enjoy.



By in 20-09-2010 1:44 am

If you’re either one of the original readers of Noriyaro, or interested enough to go back and read some of the older posts, see if you remember this one of some pics of Team Burst back in 2006.


How would you like a video version?

Watch for the bit where I nearly get smacked in the head by a flying foam block.

2006年のチーム バーストです!名阪スポーツランド、Eコース。

This video was taken by Laurence, creator of other such fine drifting videos such as the Phat Sliggity Ziptie segment and Osaka Touge Drift and Jesse Streeter at Meihan.

He was kind enough to drive me to Meihan Circuit when I was in Osaka for a couple of days to watch some guys he said that he thought were pretty good. It turned out to be Team Burst. Thanks Laurence! I mean, Mr L!


DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 59 preview

By in 02-08-2010 9:41 pm

OK, this one looks really good…

1:03 onwards
Doriten Staff: “He’s taking the bonnet off.”
Tsuchiya: “Using gumtape is faster than that!”
Mana-P: “If you break your bonnet pins, you take the whole bonnet off!? I don’t get it. Is that bonnet really so…”
Nomuken: “…easy to take off?”
Tsuchiya: “What the hell?”
Orido: “I don’t get what they’re doing.”
Mana-P: “I don’t get it.”
Orido: “That’s like if you rip your pantyhose, you take your underwear off.”
Mana-P: “Orido…nice one.”

2:28 onwards
Nomuken: “Geez, when there’s an Ikaten, all sorts of people show up, don’t they. These guys are probably here to watch eh?”
Michiko: “It’s (Team Burst) Nakamura

EDIT: A longer version of this trailer has just been posted. View it here!