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ASM IS DEAD: Long live…whatever it becomes!

By in 13-01-2010 2:05 pm

I wasn’t really expecting this!

Today Status Corporation, the publisher of Auto Salon Magazine, made the announcement that Issue 85 will be its final edition to be printed. “Auto Salon Magazine has been a core division of ours” stated Status Corporation’s Director Mark Keo, “but the landscape of the publishing industry has changed dramatically over the last two years, and the GFC has had a marked impact on our advertising supporters.”

“However ASM will still continue as we make the transition into the online arena, where our website will deliver the high quality content our loyal ASM readers have become accustomed to” Keo continued.

Auto Salon Magazine was created in 2002 by the team responsible for the Auto Salon modified car show series. Over the years it went from strength to strength, redefining the way modified car culture was seen by both enthusiasts and the mainstream.

“On a personal level, this is obviously a sad moment; yet at the same time it is also exciting” said ASM’s Editor in Chief, Charles Kha. “All I can say is that we’ll be looking to deliver something special for the last ever printed edition of Auto Salon Magazine.”

Issue 82 is currently on sale, and editorial production will continue until Issue 85, which hits newsstands at the end of March 2010.

A limited run of pre-release ‘special edition’ copies will be available on the 15th March, 2010. The collector’s edition will be available to both Australian and international readers, and can be ordered via the website.

In an interesting move, the Auto Salon Magazine editorial team has decided to use Twitter to document the creation of Issue 85 in real-time. As the team works through the 30 days leading into 85’s final deadline, followers will be able to see the inner-workings of the magazine’s production and behind the scenes of the photo shoots. The account goes live at midnight on 14th January, and can viewed here:

Having worked at Auto Salon magazine for a while, I suggest you subscribe to the Twitter feed. Some of those late nights can get quite interesting.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. If the final issue is anything like the almost-cardstock issue they made a couple of years ago, I definitely want a copy!


PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 2009: Picked by the internet

By in 24-12-2009 10:31 pm

Noriyaro has been up for over a year now, and has over 300 published posts. Since I didn’t really do anything for the anniversary, I thought now would be a good time.

These aren’t the pictures that I think are the “best”. Most of my favourites were turned into wallpapers, so have a look at that section if you haven’t already.

Nope, all I did was check the server logs, and looked for the images that were accessed the most amount of times, excluding things like banners, advertising and nagivation, of course.

So here they are, in order, the most downloaded photos of the past 365 days.

Not surprisingly, the most downloaded picture ever on Noriyaro is of Mitsumori-san’s Chaser. You want to see more of this car? I know you do. More to come on that.





NORIYARO NEW YEAR: Holiday prize giveaway

By in 19-12-2009 10:30 pm

I’m back in Australia again for a short break until the New Year.

Unfortunately, that means there’s not going to be a whole lot of posting going on. I have a few events lined up pretty much as soon as I get back to Japan, but until then, you’re going to have to repress your Noriyaro cravings just a little a bit.

Just to keep things interesting though, I thought we should run a little competition around here…



TURN ME ON: Snap-on key holder

By in 18-11-2009 3:31 pm

I’ve wanted to pick one of these up for a while. Snap-on makes a bunch of these key holders and shift-knobs made to look like their driver tool handles.

EDIT: I get a lot of emails asking about these. They are NO LONGER AVAILABLE new from Snap-On Japan. If you really want one, they can be found on Yahoo Auctions. Use the search string “スナップオンドライバーキーホルダー”



SOME STUFF: Not really a proper post, but it does have pictures

By in 11-11-2009 11:39 pm

I haven’t really been making a lot of posts recently, and that’s because I haven’t really been taking a lot of photos! I’ve done quite a few events in the JZX100 recently, like a competition run by Rays Wheels, and the Dunlop Drift Grand Prix at Nikko Circuit. Despite only making the semi-finals, it was probably my best effort at Nikko so far, with every single one of my runs being fast, on-line and with plenty of angle. The only thing wrong according to the judge of the event, D1 driver Yoshinori Koguchi, was that the flick on my entry wasn’t fast enough. That was good with me, since that’s exactly what I thought was weak about them too. Time for some practice and suspension fiddling.

Anyway, I’m sort of glad I bought a mobile phone with a decent camera (DoCoMo F906, if anyone wanted to know), since it means I don’t have to carry around a proper camera. At the same time, it’s bad, since I end up taking a lot of photos that I really should have taken with a proper camera, like these ones.

Today, I dragged some Australians, who are here to drive at Ebisu’s Drift Matsuri, around Tokyo to see some car-related things. One stop was at the Toyota MegaWeb, where they have the new FT-86 lined up against a mint red Levin. I didn’t make enough time to go and actually visit the Tokyo Motor Show, so this was the first time I saw the car in real life.

I must say, it looks a lot better in real life than it does in photos. It actually looks like it could be a really cool drift car. I’d drive one for sure.



LOW LOADER: J’s Racing’s double car carrier

By in 30-10-2009 11:42 am

Check this out. Have you ever seen one of those super-low loaders where the whole tray drops off the back of truck and onto the ground? Perfect for anything low, but those are always single car carriers. What do you do if you need to carry two really low cars with expensive and easily-breakable carbon-fibre front spoilers?

Click and observe.