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2009 AUTUMN DRIFT MATSURI: Getting there and having fun

By in 16-11-2009 11:36 pm

Last summer’s Drift Matsuri (click here for Saturday and here for Sunday’s pics) was a relatively quiet event compared to years past, so I was hoping that this year’s Autumn Matsuri would be a bit more fun.

Sure enough, it was.

What’s not fun about the event though, is the early morning start. Although, it is nice to drive through parts of Tokyo in one minute when it would normally take twenty in peak hour.



GOODYEAR GURACHAN D: Nikko Circuit competition, Part I

By in 01-10-2009 8:22 pm

The Goodyear Gurachan D (“gurachan” means “grand championship”) competition is a series of events held by the Goodyear tyre company with the aim of encouraging drivers to enter a higher level of drift competitions. That sounded a bit corporate, didn’t it?

What it basically comes down to is that it’s yet another competition series for drivers to get stuck into with the aim of attracting some sponsors. One of the biggest draws of the Gurachan D event is the chance for the winners of the event to win a D1 Street Legal licence in one go, without having to earn the required points by ranking in the D1 Street Legal Regional events. The overall points ranking winner from all the events also wins tyre sponsorship from Goodyear for 2010! Not too bad!