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DOES IT HURT HERE: To Aru Itasha Suki No Soukoukai at Honjo Circuit, Part II

By in 09-09-2011 1:21 am

As the comments on yesterday’s post made obvious, a lot of you got the Laughing Man references. The thing about itasha is that they can sometimes reveal someone’s hidden power level.

Take this Silvia for example. I had no idea the owner of it was a mechanic I know named Tetsuya.

I’d always seen him wearing Thrasher caps with upturned brims, skater shorts and punk band t-shirts. It turns out he’s an over 9000 otaku!



DOES IT HURT HERE: To Aru Itasha Suki No Soukoukai at Honjo Circuit, Part I

By in 08-09-2011 1:47 am

Itasha! They’re not just for parking and looking at! Earlier this week, I visited an itasha-only trackday at Honjo Circuit and found my friend Ukki-san, who just loves drifting his hyakuche itasha.

Confused already? I’ve added in a few Wikipedia links to try and make some things clearer, but if something goes over your head, it’s probably better just to let it go. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ



HACHIROKU DAY 2010: Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou at Fuji Speedway, Part I

By in 31-05-2011 4:25 pm

It seems a lot of you remember when I posted this preview a while ago of the “Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou” event on the 6th of August last year. Well, the best photos ended up being published in Drift Tengoku, and I ended up completely forgetting about the rest!

The “Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou” name of the event literally translated means “8.6° Severe Illness”, but the meaning is more along the lines of “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is some more AE86!”

So for today, let’s look at the pits. Tomorrow, action from the track. The day after, Hachiroku weirdness and cool stuff.