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Let me ask you a question: what comes to mind when you hear the Lil Jon song “Get Low”? If you said “Need for Speed: Underground”, then you probably had a lot of fun with that game. It came out about twelve years ago (that made me feel old, typing that), and the modified car world has progressed a long way since then.

Underground was a great game, but unfortunately, the Need for Speed games that came out in the past few years didn’t really follow along with the trends. Driving unobtainable supercars in police chases through the countryside should have been fun, but it wasn’t. That’s what made the first NFS game great, but something about that just didn’t work.

Now watch this.

If you’re not already aware, Need for Speed is back, and it’s finally what we always wanted. No extra names, no “Underground 3″, a complete reboot.

Also, Noriyaro has a (very small) part in the development of this game, believe it or not! Read on…

Back in February, I was invited to fly from Japan over to Gothenburg in Sweden, where one of the Ghost Games studios is located.

I was part of a group of car media people who were there to play the game, talk to the developers, and give our honest feedback and opinions. There were also other guys there who had car blogs and popular Youtube gaming channels.

From left to right, Motor Mavens’ Antonio Alvendia, Zen Garage’s Justin Fox, Speedhunters’ Larry Chen and Luke Huxham. Also with us was Brandon Leung from Bowls LA.

We weren’t allowed to take any pics of the game in development, so here’s one of a street in Gothenburg.

When I had a few minutes after our work was done, I literally ran across town and up a huge set of stairs to Skansen Kronan, a big fort that overlooks the city. Can’t come all this way and not do some sightseeing! Here’s a grainy photo of me trying not to look out of breath.

Have a look at Justin Fox’s blog entry of our dinner. I’d never eaten elk before that night…

Anyway, let’s get back to the game. Despite being extremely busy and probably just wanting to get on with their work rather than deal with a bunch of fools like us, the devs did listen to what we had to say, and a lot of what we said was confirmation that they were on the right track. I’m still not allowed to talk in specifics about what we saw, but here’s a few points.

Yes, you can modify stuff. A lot. I’d like to say here that I (as well as a couple of other guys) made a big deal about being able to lower cars and make wheels fit properly. We’ll see what they end up doing.

You will probably be able to build a replica of pretty much any cool car you see on the internet.

You won’t feel “lonely” like you sometimes do in racing games.

There’s going to be non-driving elements of the game that are much closer to the fun reality of being a scumbag streetracer than in other games.

I’ve seen the car list. You can’t make everyone happy, but there’s enough in it to make me happy enough.

As you can see in the promo video, it’s all about streetracing in a city.

As you can also see in the promo video, a lot of the game involves countersteering. Hooray!

I haven’t really been hardcore into a driving game since Outrun 2. Need for Speed just might be the one to get me back into it.

Also, you may or may not see Noriyaro make an appearance in the game somewhere. Wait and see…

Here’s EA’s official blurb

With over 20 years of history in its rear view mirror, Need for Speed™ returns with a reboot that delivers on what Need for Speed stands for – rich customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that drives your NFS game.

Fuelled by our very own car culture community, Speedhunters has helped deliver a NFS experience that is grounded in authentic car culture by diving into the world of past, present and emergent trends of the urban car scene, NFS will unleash the passion for cars and speed when it releases this Fall, 2015.


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  • Manny says:

    “I’ve seen the car list. You can’t make everyone happy” I’m use to not seen My Jzz30 in a lot of games. But hope fully they add some 4door jdm cars. Hope its good.

  • rich says:

    if theres an r30 in it i’ll literally shit my pants

  • Dorian B says:

    Just saw the article written up by zengarage. Good stuff going on there boys.

  • Seth says:

    Hey guys im glad that need for speed is coming back. I have always loved your games ever since i was a kid. Thank you for bringing back amazing memories to me.

  • Jimy says:

    Very flashy and high detail for console gaming but for simulation I’ll stick to Assetto Corsa!

  • Craig says:

    It would be so sick if you could build a boso rider, Crazy pipes and everything…

  • Matiz says:

    ehh…. deleted the long comment, in short, what happened after Carbon it’s unfunny joke. I liked series a lot. Great memories with PSX Version of 4: HS, then the best of “oldschool” NFS ,a HP2. Then perfect timing with Undgrnd, I found later that many people didn’t liked this dramatic change, but I remember, EVERYONE around me played, even girls.
    Don’t care about this hype, because EA usualy makes it a lot ,and the game are crap at the end .
    I like how MadMax was developed, solid gameplay movie was published very late.

    and lack of extra name IS A BAD THING, because NFS always was racing game about rich guys in suits and the supercars (pointing at 4: HighStakes)

    SO listen to the fans and make it U3 :E

  • Macdonald says:

    This game has nothing that the fans want no multiplayer s split screen it’s not a offline game it’s all about ghost games and speed hunters so all you guys at ea and ghost games you suck who in right mind can reboot a game and make it online only if do sumthing about the fans make to their specs how we like it not how you like

  • Macdonald says:

    You just don’t care about the fans period

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