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I’m sure a lot of people have heard about Formula Drift announcing that they will be running events in Japan, so after the official announcement was made last weekend, I asked a few questions and found out a bit more about what the Formula Drift events in Japan are going to be like.

How many rounds will there be?

There will be two separate Formula Drift Japan rounds in 2014, one at Fuji Speedway on 5-6th of July and one at Okayama International Circuit on the 13-14th of December, as part of an event called “Motor Games”. It’s not part of the Formula D Asia series.

What is Motor Games?

Motor Games is the name of the combined motorsport events being run this year by the people who also run the MSC drifting series in Japan. Motor Games is a combined FD Japan round, Maxasia Japan supermoto race, and FMX and extreme bike stunt show, which sounds a lot like the similarly-named MSC Games event held back in 2008. The Fuji Speedway event will also be combined with the Mazda Tuning Festa.

Will any USA drivers be invited to drive?

At the moment, it’s not looking likely, however the dates of the Motor Games don’t clash with any FD event in the USA. Incidentally, nor do they clash with any other drift series events in Japan.

Who will be allowed to enter? Are there any licencing procedures in place?

Not as of yet, however interested parties are invited to express their interest in entering.

Who will be judging it?

As of now, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Manabu Orido.

Will the tech regulations be similar to the USA series?

Talks are still underway about keeping parity with the current FD regulations, however since there are only two rounds and it’s not a championship series, costly modifications like changing roll-cage tubing thickness and similar will most likely be kept similar to comparable rules already in place in Japan.

Anything else interesting?

While the events themselves don’t have anything officially announced yet regarding coverage, a kind-of “road to Motor Games” show will be aired on Japanese cable TV sports channel “J Sports” every Monday from April 2014 to March 2015. These will mainly be human interest stories of the various competitors who enter the Motor Games events. The events themselves will also be promoted through advertising on all the major radio networks in Japan.

If you have any comments or other questions you’d like answered, leave it below.

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  • PH@_MAN says:

    So basically its D1GP but with a different name?

    Will be interested to see how much the organisers try and angle it towards the American FD style.

    cheers for the info Alexi!

  • kevinf93til says:

    Formula D used to be so cool to me, I remember the early days and it was awesome.

    Now, I can’t watch Formula D, It’s overbuilt cars trying to pour out as much smoke as possible. I mean I love race cars and wild builds, but the finesse and the art is gone.

    I really hope FD Japan doesn’t turn out to be lame.

  • ca18det says:

    where can tickets be purchased for the fuji event?

  • E36 328i Coupe says:

    Will there be any LiveStream?

  • Dave says:

    Ya know, when WTCC goes to another country it’s the same teams, drivers, cars etc.

    When V8supercars comes to the USA, it’s all the same teams, drivers, cars, etc

    When FormulaD goes to another country, it’s a few guys in FD shirts and some fucking FD banners, LOL

    Typical liar FormulaD misrepresentation bullshit.

    Instead of growing their series & attracting real sponsors (making everyone involved more successful), they steal their own teams sponsors, and pad their own pockets short term.

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