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  • Scott Kelley says:

    the fittments so good its a joke

  • James B says:


  • BlueSlug says:

    crazy fitment indeed!

    but… stick-on weights on the lip surface? 🙁

  • lee says:

    the backstreets of japan are smoother than the main roads in australia 🙁

  • Hey Nori, Its Dark, sorry its been so long since I last commented and I only recently just went back on the site as I kinda forgot about it but im here and that is one freaking sweet car. Us American boys do envy a ride like that and the roads in japan, so flat its like Florida’s highways. Those I have been told are flat as well, anyways keep up the good work and I hope your JZ is running nice. I remember from a while back that you had, I think been doing some work to it. Just wanted to say I still read the magazine that I think you write for, your Rising Son Sectional right?

    Keep The Drift Strong,


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