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This is a reading from a website that shows the readings of a Tokyo-based Geiger-counter. Unlike the rest of the internet though, I’m not going to pretend to be a nuclear scientist or claim to have an uncle who worked on the Manhattan Project or talk about iodine isotopes or cesium or microsieverts. All I know is that the little squiggly line has gone back to where it’s supposed to be, and my skin isn’t falling off just yet.

While there haven’t been any electricity cuts where I live on the outskirts of Tokyo, there’s still no petrol deliveries, which means no doing the thing I like most; driving around and making loud noises. A risk of earthquakes means I’m not about to lie under the car while it’s up on jacks either, so I’ll probably try and get some of the little jobs on the Toyota I’ve been meaning to do out of the way, and it’s been fun doing some maintainence on the house’s mountain bike. Pretty much every track event has been cancelled too. On the upside though, there’s absolutely no shortage of beer!

As for upcoming major events:

• The D1 Grand Prix event Odaiba to be held on the 26-27th of March has been postponed to an undetermined date in June.(website)

The next is the one most people have been messaging me about.

• Ebisu Circuit’s Spring Drift Matsuri is still going ahead as planned.

I have spoken to Team Orange’s Naoto Suenaga, and while there has been some major damage to pit areas caused by the earthquake (Kumakubo’s blog, Powervehicles’ Facebook photos), the circuits are still in good condition, and will be fully repaired by that time. “Tell everyone that we’re going to have lots of fun.” he said.

For those who’ve been asking about charity donations, the main one at work here is the Japan Red Cross Society. Otherwise known as the Sekijuuji (赤十字) or “Red Ten”, they have a direct link to their donation account on their website, so all you need to do is use the international SWIFT code to send money directly to the place it’s needed if you don’t want to go through your local Red Cross.

For guys in the UK, Banzai Magazine are running a charity meet at the 8 Ball Diner on the 7th of May. Details at the Banzai website.

You may have heard of the Pray For Japan charity stickers made by some nice dudes.

Yuta Akaishi is also doing some Heartbreaker stickers.

Also, if you’re running some sort of charity event or similar to donate to the tsunami relief, please let me know, and I’ll list it up here.

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