AUTOMATIC-CENTRIC: 2010 2PD Meeting, Part I

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Even though I’m more of a clutch man myself, I headed out to Fuji Speedway’s Drift Circuit recently for the annual “2PD” meeting, which is open only to slushbox drifters!

To be honest, one of the main reasons I visited was because a large percentage of the cars there are usually JZXs of various types.

I arrived just after it finished raining, which was nice. It’s been raining almost every day recently.

Like I said, lots of JZXs.

Not just JZXs though, it could have been a four-door meeting too. Here’s a Y32 Jaguar.

I mean, “Cima”.

As seen before in this post, Kabei-san’s Y33 Cima was there too. The rough VQ V8 sound definitely sticks out in this crowd.

This guy drove up all the way from Kyushu. The car is an automatic Corolla FF drifter and he drove it about a thousand kilometers just to attend this event. Dedication or what!

OK, here’s an example of “you’re doing it right” and “you’re doing it wrong”.

Yeah, JZX rear ends aren’t the strongest of things.

I remember Kunny telling me a long time ago that the actual passenger compartment of the JZX100 was nice and strong, but the rest of the car was a big weak crumple zone.

If you hit one side, the other one folds in sympathy too. Keep it off the walls then.

RC counts as automatic, right?

R34 GT-R wheels suit JZXs so well for some reason. Come to think of it, there was quite a lot of nice wheel selection going on that day.

The owner of this car insisted I take a photo of his chromed spark plug cover.

He was also quite proud of his neat interior.

“It’s a VIP and drift car.” he said.

Equips and forged R34 GT-Rs. Nice.

OK, so let’s not make this into a big JZX-fest then. Here’s a Soarer on VS-XXs.

Works always seem to do well on big cars.

Weds Kränze Vishnus do even better.

This, I like.

OK, I’m getting confused. Is this an automatic meeting, a Toyota meeting or a nice wheel meeting? Here’s a Crown wagon on SSR Vienna LM-9 Modernos.

Emotion CR-Kais look good on anything.

OK, time to break this chain! This reminds me of 1996 and Hyundai Excels, seriously.

It wasn’t automatic, but FF drifter Kawashima-san’s Celica was there too.

I don’t need to write “look how low that is” because you’ve probably already noticed it before reading this caption.

Also, I have organised bodykit sponsorship recently, so the Mark II won’t be quite as boro for much longer!

Since he wasn’t drifting, Kawashima-san had his hellacambered 19-inch Work Seekers on the back. Sick.

Oh I’m sorry? We were talking about RWD Toyotas like that X81 on the loader there in the background? More from the 2PD meeting tomorrow.

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