FOUR DOORS, LOUD SIX: Yaruki Mate! GX71 Cresta

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So, the last several posts were all about girl drifters. Let’s move onto the most manly thing we can find: a four-door Toyota kyusha.

I saw this GX71 Cresta last week at a Himawari Racing event. “Yaruki Mate!” is the name of a drifting team from Hachioji. It’s a parody of the “Yanky Mate!” sticker on Akira’s Fairlady, a character in the Shakotan Boogie comic book series. “Yaruki” means “motivation”.

It looks great, even with the standard body.

Showa drift at its best.

With the kind of camber he was running, it wasn’t surprising that sometimes…

…the tyres would unexpectedly pop.

Good, now we can follow it back to the pits…

…and have a closer look at it.

You know you’re doing things right when the standard mudguards are scraping.

Cresta desu.


Crestas are considered to be the ride of choice for guys who follow the Yankee style. Mark IIs are OK too, but Chasers are just a bit too sporty and overachieving.

Standard 1G-G.

The most important thing about a zokusha’s engine is the sound of the exhaust, so a tubular manifold helps that. Of course, it has to be painted.

The interior can be comfy too, but the bucket seat needs to look totally out of place.

Suichuka shifter and tiny steering wheel too, check.

Hang on, why does he have two throttle cables?

Why would you install a motorbike accelerator grip in a car? So you can do proper bosozoku-style “calls”, like this:

Kazuya seems to like it! If you’re wondering what a “call” is, have a look at some of the Youtube videos under this link.

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