DEKOPINK CHASER: Sacchan at Fuji Speedway

May 26, 2010 8:17 pm Published by

Wow, what kind of guy drives a car as pink as this?

Oh wait, it’s a girl!

This is girl drifter Sachiko, otherwise known as Sacchan. She drifts a JZX100, which automatically makes her awesome.

Here she is checking her tyre pressures before a track session.

This translates as “Stylish Streetracer Sacchan ” *kiss mark*.

Now that’s a girl’s car’s interior! Pink bows, love hearts, Swarovski diamonds and Hello Kitty covering every spare bit of space.

The outside is a bit more conventional when it comes to decoration.

Drift Tengoku’s editor Kawasaki-san showed up to give her a bit of advice for the upcoming girl-only Ikaten event.

See coverage of that tomorrow!

My big camera’s battery ran out very early in the day, so this is the best action shot I have!

My small camera still had plenty of juice though, so have a look at Kawasaki-san explaining how to and how not to take the judged corner at Fuji Speedway’s Drift Course.

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