2010 OSAKA AUTO MESSE: Atsushi Kuroi memorial display

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My Kansai-based friend Laurence was at the Osaka Auto Messe today, so he sent me some pics of the memorial display they had for Atsushi Kuroi.

Of course, his famous Onevia was the centerpiece.

Some kickass helmet paint there.

The stand was run by Kuroi’s street drift friends, Tinker.

Condolence books were there to sign, but they weren’t for his family, they were for Kuroi himself!

“Give a message to Atsushi Kuroi!!” it says.

People who signed it received one of these stickers.

Written on it is Kuroi’s motto: “It’s not something you can’t do, it’s just something you’re not doing.”

That’s my translation, anyway.

Behind the car were photo displays of Kuroi’s history. Over there on the left, next to his personal motto is a little rhyme which sort of translates as “To become the champion don’t be inclined, become the champion in people’s minds”.

Goofy snow drift crashes at Meihan. Love it.

See you again someday.


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