WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW: We Are Drift preview

October 7, 2009 9:00 am Published by

OK, so Luke’s been bugging me to put up a video from his We Are Drift video project. Here’s the latest trailer he put together of the D1SL event at Ebisu Circuit that we were at last month.

Keep an eye out for the part in this video where you can see me ignoring Andy from Powervehicles. while talking to Emily and scratching myself.

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  • Ildar says:

    😀 first thought when I saw you on video “OMG! This guy – John Lennon!!!!” very similar 🙂

  • Henry says:

    Maybe the video will be rad but this trailer is lame as fnck. Reminds me of speedhunters… You shoulda let him keep bugging you until he made a decent trailer.

  • trikazzb says:

    step 1 : capture people watching drifting, not the auctual drifting itself.
    step 2 : add some dreamy effects
    step 3 : add some slow motion.
    step 4 : dont forget shots of grass!


  • Gin86 says:

    fair lame, hope the actual DVD is better? or are my hopes lost lol

  • Chris M says:

    Lame. Seems to me that he is over-thinking things.

  • E's says:

    Great article!
    Because of the “American” superiority complex….
    Most new american drifters NOW (not talking about OG cats like Pheiffer)
    is that they think that they’re some kind of rockstars…EGOs are through the roof.
    Just get on zip-tied and you’ll see a sample of what Im talking about.
    In Japan (I recently visited some family in ’08), people are very humble, and there is no
    such thing as “oh you dont have -80 offset so you’re not cool enough fanboi”…
    In Japan you are welcome with anything including Kei cars….
    Drifting in japan will be alive forever because of this.
    IMO the Drift Session days were the sh*t… attitudes have changed greatly since then.

  • Nick says:

    jesus, way too boring. soulful preachyness is good in a small dose to build up but christ you have to actually take it somewhere lol.

  • jake says:

    dang alexi how tall are you haha you look huge

  • ram says:

    I liked it

    As a trailer, it works

    Would obviously hope to see more driving the full version

    “sometimes we forget why we do the things we do / we lose sight of the simple things that have been the foundations for the sport we love” – awesome stuff

  • Law says:

    Wow. Can’t wait to see this.

  • Kyle says:

    What is the name of this song?