WEEKEND EDITION: Videos from Lithuania, Washinton State and Canada

September 19, 2009 5:02 pm Published by

I was recently sent this video by Vidas from Lithuania. Believe it or not, Lithuania is a fairly big viewer of this website!

Here’s what he had to say: “This weekend we had our drifting championship final, and we made a small video about it. I thought maybe you and your readers would be interested about it.”

Driftingo čempionato KOVA#4. Game over. from vidas on Vimeo.

I received an email the other day from Terrell with a link to the Nissan Pacific website. Here’s a recent video of the Pacific Northwest guys driving in the Evergreen Drift series at Evergreen Speedway. Lots of fairly decent looking cars in there!

Evergreen Drift August 16, 2009 Round 3 from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

This next video from over the border in Canada is from David Vickers, one of a couple of guys who visited Japan a little while ago. This video was made as his submission for the eBay Motors Master competition. Despite his ridiculously boro hachi and stupid hipster haircut, apparently he has two cute girls that hang around him all day and help him work on his car.

Any Sprinter guys who would like to help David win the eBay competition he made this video for, visit the eBay Motors Master website and rate his video.

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  • josh young says:

    some very tuff looking cars in the evergreen vidoe, BUT… every one of them seemed to be sitting basicaly on the bump stops… good for loks and slip and smoke, not really ultimate for grip or speed though……..

  • gweedo says:

    “Believe it or not, Lithuania is a fairly big viewer of this website! ”

    Yes we are :)))

  • waska says:


    your site rocks! and believe me or not we have some pretty cool drifters here in Lithuania. Google it! 🙂

  • dugnas says:

    Yeah Alexi! Greetz from Lithuania!11!!1!

  • GenJi says:

    i’d vote for him if i was registered on ebay 😀 ..
    …………… can someone HJELP me get a 240SX pleeeeeeeease ??? 😀 ..

  • insejn says:

    Been folowing this since nariyaro’s early days… never expected to see a lithuanian word on you blog man..
    Fair play to ya 🙂

    (im lithuanian, living in Ireland , 5 years now, the steering wheel is on the “right” side 😛 hence i will stay here 😀 )

  • Eddi Hughes says:

    Wow, Im really surprised to see Abbitt Wilkerson featured on NoriYaro! It is an honor to see that you recognize the northwest! I appreciate the shout out! Thank you! I will let Abbitt know that you featured his video. As far as I’m concerned, his talent is growing and we all support him. I think he’s the best cinematographer in the northwest.

  • heyy alexi! thanks for the feature! haha glad to know you got my e-mail. lol i was beginning to wonder since you didn’t reply. hehe but ya evergreen speedway is actually not that well known since we’re tucked up wayy in the corner of the US. alot of Formula Drift drivers say this is their favorite track because of the crazy 5/8’s bank and 80mph+ entry speeds. haha if anybody wants to see what i mean check out this video. feel free to e-mail me at domofactor@nissanpacific.com or stop by nissanpacific.com if you have any questions/comments!


  • Vickers says:

    Ridiculously Boro!

    I resent that!! lol

  • damnn dude thanks so much for posting my vid. mad stoked.

  • wayfarer {LTU} says:

    yeah, lithuania’s got some really cool drifters 🙂 cheers

  • Jeremy Brown says:

    I wish people would stop saying drift racing. Also I had a laugh @ the hipster haircut remark.