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My coverage of last weekend’s Hyper Meeting wasn’t as good as it could have been, because I attended another event on the same day.

Two events in one day is kind of how it is around here. I could potentially do it again this weekend, but the subject of this Sunday’s event is worth a fair bit of attention. More on that next week.

About an hour and a half away (if you drive properly and not stop to look at weird old Supras parked in back lanes, perhaps some Canadians will understand what I mean) at Nikko Circuit on the same day as Hyper Meeting was the annual RB Meeting.

Organised by old-school D1 driver Shunichi Tomikuda (I have some of his “face and helmet” stickers available if anyone wants to buy one), who specialises in custom parts for RB engines, the event was strictly for RB-engined drift cars.

It makes sense to start at the beginning, so here’s an R31 that’s well on its way to becoming a zokusha.

Let’s see. Lowered, cambered and dished rear wheels, tsurikawa and purple police light, check.

Here’s a four-door that’s a bit more conventional.

The owner had obviously been keeping it maintained with lots of late-model parts.

Shouldn’t the paint splatter go the other way?

Never mind, at least it was being driven like this!

Needless to say, I had a fair bit of inspiration for my own Skyline on that day. Hammering out the rear end might be a good start…

This photo was taken when the sun was partially obscured by clouds in the late afternoon. Now, imagine that flake paint in full sunlight!

Oh no, I’m getting more ideas.

If you’re going to get a rear GT-spoiler, it has to be wider than the car. That’s the rule.

If your car doesn’t look good standing still…

…at least you can make it look good while moving.

Come to think of it, Ebisu Circuit’s Drift Matsuri is coming up soon, so it might be a bad idea to fix the bodywork on my car. It might need some more work after the weekend is over.

These two friends had a nice pair of RB sliders.

The gold R33 owner’s name was Yamamoto, and he was quite proud of his car.

…especially the size of his rims…

…and his (in my opinion) rather tasteful hood vinyl.

18-inch 265s on a 12J. Nice.

It’s really not hard to make an R33 look good.

It would have been nice to cram an R31 in this pic to go along with all the others.

Also at the event was Drift Tengoku magazine’s editor Ryusuke Kawasaki in his project GT-R.

Garage 3UP’s Mikami has been at almost every single Nikko event I’ve been to recently. That guy is getting in some serious track time.

D1 C35 Laurel drifter and Car Modify Wonder boss Takashi Haruyama was there too.

Yeah, did you think I’d forgotten about all the other RB-powered cars? Nope! Here’s a neat Cefiro that attended.

Here’s its even neater engine bay. Love that rocker cover.

Is there such a thing as a C34 Laurel that is too low?

If you involuntarily answered “yes” inside your head, get the hell off my website right now.

This pic does not do justice to how garish this Laurel was in real life.

I was half hoping it was being driven by a girl, but no.

Laurels can look extremely manly as well though.

It takes a real man to spray perfectly good dished name-brand chrome wheels in gloss black.

It needs a .50 machine gun mounted somewhere to complete the look.

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