USELESSLY COOL: X71 Chaser drifter at Nikko

January 5, 2009 1:48 am Published by

There’s a couple of big posts coming from last weekend’s Fluke “Tochigi Baka Matsuri” (Tochigi Idiot Festival) at Nikko Circuit, but until all the pics are ready, enjoy this quick preview of one of the more interesting cars that attended the event, this yankee-style X71 Chaser Avante.

It had almost everything on the list; old model, lowered, stretched tyres on negative offset wheels cambered to fit, musical horn, American number plate, silly shift knob etc.

It was running 185-series tyres on a collection of various Watanabe and SSR 14-inch rims, so getting it sideways was not much of a problem.

He was definitely one of the crowd favourites, mostly because he spent half his time waving, blowing his musical horn and driving really close to the people standing on the pit straight wall.

No bozosoku ever just slips the clutch and drives away. They always have to leave the line with a burnout like this, known in Japanese as a “rolling start”.

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